Print Provider – It’s Time to Offer Book Printing Services

The digital world we live in brings many opportunities that until not so long ago were out of our reach. Who would have thought we’ll be able to use an app to print our photos directly from Facebook, or create our own family calendar and surprise our loved ones?
This can all be done thanks to technologies such as web-to-print, that allow print providers to create their own website where their clients can order any print job – from business cards and envelopes, to magnets, albums and even books.

Now it’s time to take your printing business one step forwards and implement B2CBooks – a unique development from B2CPrint which is now offered to print providers worldwide in any language, currency and measurement type (cm/inch).
The system is a web based online book printing tool that allows your customers to submit orders at your website in a short and easy process according to the prices you pre-define. The system can be integrated as an add-on to the B2CPrintshop system or implemented as a stand-alone website.
Once your clients login to the website, they can start creating their book order, choose materials, sizes, weights, printing type, number of pages and get a price quote for a job. They don’t need to go anywhere, as it’s all done from their computer.
This way, your clients can login whenever they can, progress with the order or make changes, and only when the project is done, send it to print. And the best thing about it is that they can print even just 1 or 2 books, there are no limitations of quantities.
Still contemplating? Visit our demo-site for more details: