5 Designing Tips To Create A Winning Business Card


Even though we live in a digital era, where almost every interaction we make is through social channels, there is still room for business cards. When you meet new connections at a trade show, or meeting with a prospective client, handing your impressive business card at the end could have a great impact.

So how do you create a memorable business card that won’t get thrown away? Well, by coming up with a creative design that reflects your personality and your message. This is the time to get creative and think about unusual designs, shapes and colors. Any print service with a web-to-print system can produce your order in a matter of days, so all you have to do is let your imagination go free.

Here are a few ideas to point you in the right direction:

  1. Colors
    When it comes to designing an eye-catching business card, color is perhaps the most important aspect. Most people will go with their business’s colors, but if you really want to make an impact, you should consider a colorful background or vibrant and bright colors for a really striking look. Consider the power of color psychology and implement it according to the statement you wish to convey.
  2. Other Visual Appeals
    Maybe in previous years, great colors were enough to create an impact. But in our days, it’s a MUST to add more visual appeals to your business card.
    To really create that WOW factor, there are many options: environmentally friendly papers, stamping or raised lettering, ultra-thick papers, and other materials such as plastic, silk laminated paper and even metal and wood.
  3. Explore New Shapes
    We are used to the idea that business cards are rectangular. And while this shape is indeed ideal to fit in wallets or pockets, other shapes can be just as suitable. Unusual shapes are far more memorable and they also show how creative your business can be. So don’t be afraid to try new looks such as round, oval, triangle, kite, or any other shape you might think of.
  4. Try Different Finishes
    There’s so much more than just matte or gloss when it comes to finishes, and if you want a memorable card, you should try different kinds such as embossing and textures, or high gloss UV coating to enhance colors.
  5. Try Postcards
    A unique way to stay memorable and innovative is to try postcards instead of business cards. With postcards you can print on both sides, use fonts that are generally larger than the standard ones, and even use one side for a short resume, a stunning photo or the logo of your company, and even a list of your company’s next events and conventions.

Successful business cards nowadays are creative, unique and professionally designed. They can be funny, whimsical, elegant, chic, retro, modern, abstract or vintage. The point is to show your own style and personality through their colors, visual look, finish, shape and creative touch. The message is simple – make a memorable business card.