Fast Tips To Create A Business Card Right Away

Whether you work as a freelancer, are a business owner or have a specific professional skill set, your own business card will go a long way in attracting potential clientele. Printed business cards are essential to have when attending job fairs or face-to-face networking events, and they are usually the first things exchanged when meeting a new business contact. Thanks to online ordering and quick turnaround times for digital printing, you have a few different options for getting your new business cards right away.
Ordering Business Cards Quickly
Local print shops are great places to order a set of business cards because you don’t need to wait for them to arrive in the mail. You also don’t need to pay for shipping and handling costs. Many print shops can create basic business cards in only two or three days depending on the employees’ current workload. For an extra fee, some shops offer overnight express printing so you’ll be able to pick up your finished cards the next day. Raised lettering or multi-colored graphics may take longer to finish, so keep this idea in mind if you need your business cards as soon as possible.
Web printing is another option for a quick set of business cards. Once you create an account at one of these online print business’ websites, you get access to templates, card sizes, color selections and many other tools for creating your own business card design. You can normally save and edit your designs as many times as you prefer, and you only need to pay for the business cards you order. For the best turnaround times, it’s a good idea to check the estimated shipping times and whether the web-based print business offers overnight delivery.

handing a business card
DIY Options for Fast Business Card Printing

If you’re offering your services in a creative field such as graphic design or desktop publishing, your business cards are excellent means of advertising your skill set. Using illustration or image editing software, put together your design with original images and eye-catching text for your contact information. You’ll need some specialty paper for the best quality business cards, so a trip to your local office supply store is well worth the extra time. Before purchasing, plan and consider the color, finish and weight of the card stock that would look the best with your finished design. Many office supply sellers carry business card stock with perforated edges so you can separate your cards after printing. The quality can vary, so be sure the edges break cleanly away for the most professional card appearance. Other considerations for designing and printing your own business cards include the card measurements and how much bleed you’ll need to leave at the edges of your design.
Thanks to the speed and efficiency of digital printing, you can get your own set of business cards quickly. The technology has decreased the turnaround times for brick-and-mortar print shops as well as for online print services. With either type of vendor, you have a large number of design options to browse until you find the perfect one for your small business or freelance work.
Even with so many means of making business contacts through social media and similar online platforms, a printed business card is still the hallmark of a professional with a definite skill set to benefit potential customers. The most impressive business cards are both visually pleasing and printed on professional-quality paper, which indicates you put the same time and care into your business.