B2C Printshop



The B2CPrintshop system- An online design and order, SAAS based storefront, being used by print providers for several years and currently used by hundreds of print providers in 50 countries worldwide.
The B2CPrintshop system was one of the forerunners of the web to print revolution that is enabling print service providers to streamline their order management processes and win new business through a professional online presence.management system and can be integrated as an add-on to the B2CPrintshop system or become a stand alone “job estimator” website.

B2C PrintShop is a premium solution for management of online ordering. The ethos of the B2C Print team is to provide a comprehensive system through which you can manage both consumer and corporate print orders.
This enables you to streamline your business processes and improve your customer’s satisfaction through the use of the system. B2C PrintShop is not a static product and is being developed and fine tuned to maintain its position at the forefront of the market.
B2C – Consumer Functionality
  • Enables the general public and small business customers to order all of their print & merchandising requirements online through one system.
  • Consumer customers select from your general catalogue of products and modify these online where necessary.
  • Consumer customers can establish an account to save orders for future reordering.
  • Consumer customers pay by credit card providing you with a cash positive business.
  • Consumer customers are able to get quotes using. an automatic job pricing system.
B2B – Corporate Functionality
  • You provide your corporate customers with an easy to use artwork asset library with visuals of each product for ease of identification.
  • Corporate customers protect their brand integrity through centralization of print ordering – especially popular with franchises and multi location businesses.
  • Online proofing of editable template products saves proofing time and increases accuracy.
  • Approval functionality enables corporate purchasing approvals – good for large corporate and public sector customers.
Quote Request Functionality
The Request for Quote Form is available to both consumer and corporate customers enabling them to request a quote and provide the artwork for your inspection, or to upload an own Design and add to shopping cart, directly. The quote requests are received into your management system.
Unique Layout Design
Enable the end user an easy and strait forward designing process, uploading pictures and Icons, adding different fonts, Text zooming in/out, text color/size/fonts change, grid and border limitation, Design saving.
To view a demo system, please visit www.b2cprintshop.com