Print On Demand

ATTENTION PRINTSHOP OWNERS: Print On Demand Software Can Totally Transform Your Business

Make Ordering EASY

Your private and business customers will have the ability to go onto your website, design and order a printed product in 3 EASY STEPS and complete the purchase online. Digital printing and the Internet have changed the way many customers think about printing. Where it was once more economical to order brochures, business cards, books and other printed materials in large quantities, today`s digital printing and prepress procedures make print on demand (POD) a very affordable option.

The best part about this printing method is that it`s easy and affordable to set up a web site to act as the design and ordering interface between the customer and the print shop. Customers assume the design and approval responsibilities, while the print shop focuses on printing and shipping the finished order.

Customers who are given the ability to print their projects on demand develop a loyalty with their printing company because of the convenience that is built into the publishing software. They also appreciate the ability to print books, business cards, pamphlets, wedding invitations and other products in quantities that meet their exact business or personal needs.

This is a particularly valuable alternative for authors who are self-publishing and do not have the need, or the budget, for large print runs. They can upload and store their book and then print copies as the book sells. The software handles the entire process, including colleting payment. You simply send the job to print and ship it to the customer.

It`s not possible to provide this type of specialized service using traditional printing methods, and business-savvy customers know that. This is why more and more printing customers are turning to the Internet to handle their printing needs. And now your print shop can be an online printing provider without investing a great deal of time or a large amount of money.

Whether you want to totally transform your current traditional print shop, or you simply want to expand your business and grow your revenues by adding Print On Demand as an ordering option, there`s a solution waiting for you.