B2C Books



B2CPrint is the developer of today’s most advanced Online printing/Web to Print SAAS solutions. B2CBooks is a unique development from B2CPrint which is now offered to print providers worldwide in any language, currency and measurement type (cm/inch).

The system is a web based online book pricing, job estimation and submission tool that allows your customers to price up jobs and submit orders at your website in a short and easy process according to the prices you pre-define.

The system is provided together with an online management system and can be integrated as an add-on to the B2CPrintshop system or become a stand alone “job estimator” website

Online Job Parameters Selection
The system enables your customers to go through different parameters, Select materials, sizes, weights, printing type, number of pages and get a price quote for a job. Than they are able to print the offer, E-Mail it or upload the file they wish to print, go to the online shopping cart and complete the order in an easy and strait forward procedure that shortens the process and saves you, the print service provider the time and effort of pricing complicated jobs and send offers.
Parameter Blocking
You, the print provider can block different parameters depending on the chosen elements of the end user. This way you will receive an approved pre paid order, with a pre-press file attached that contains job definitions that were chosen by the customer.
The end user will receive different comments, alerts and instructions during the selection process, guiding him with choosing the right parameters.
To view a demo system, please visit THIS LINK