How to Turn Your Print Shop to a Print on Demand Enterprise – part 2

On our previous post we started with a series of tips on turning your print shop into a print-on-demand enterprise, and now we continue with some more useful advice:
Setting up a Print-On-Demand Website
The first step you will need to take for adding on-demand printing is to set up a website portal for customers to submit their orders. This interface includes individual accounts they will need to set up with a user name and password. Once they have completed this step, your customers can then upload their digital files of individual print orders.
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Adding a web-based design area will allow them to adjust proof sizes, colors, typography and layouts. It is also a good idea to add pre-selected template sizes for easy choices of invitations, flyers, business cards and even complete books. Setting up this type of website takes some technical knowledge, but the good news is that you can often hire a freelance web designer to complete it for a reasonable fee.
After you have your print-on-demand website section up and running, the next important step is to promote your print shop’s new service. You can do this at little to no additional cost through social media and similar forms of online advertising. Processing high quality print-on-demand orders efficiently will also help to bring in more clientele as your customers recommend your print services to their friends.
Bringing on-demand print options to your print shop is a savvy business venture because it will keep your company current and competitive with others offering similar services. Using traditional offset printing presses and associated methods are no longer the most cost-effective choices available. Print-on-demand as a supplement or replacement will lower several of your key operating costs and generate more buying flexibility for your customers.