How to Turn Your Print Shop to a Print on Demand Enterprise – part 1

On-demand printing is a relatively new development in the print publishing business, and it’s possible due to Internet technology. Print shop owners are no longer dependent on time – and labor – intensive machinery operation to complete their clients’ orders. Online print-on-demand services allow buyers to oversee their design choices and make easy edits with only a few steps. Adding this option to your existing print business has several definite advantages, namely fewer overhead costs and the ability to make profits even from smaller print orders.
The Rise of Print on Demand
Print-on-demand processes use only the ink and paper required to complete a certain number of copies. This option had become increasingly popular for self-publishing book authors, business owners with new brochure designs or customers who want to order invitations for special events. User-friendly design software and easy file uploads have made these types of print orders quick and convenient for clients who do not want the requirement of purchasing minimum numbers of copies.
Printing on demand has effectively eliminated the minimum print quota for budget-conscious customers who do not wish to pay for copies they may not use. This option is especially attractive to first-time book authors and small business owners who want sets of flyers or brochures for shorter-term ad campaigns. Adding print-on-demand services to your print business is an excellent way to bring in business from this new target customer base.

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Main Benefits of Print-On-Demand Services
Print-on-demand services will make a noticeable difference in your operating costs in a relatively short time. Using printing press equipment and supplies comes with the expense of buying paper and ink in larger volumes, and you usually want to buy better quality supplies for the best end results. Printing on demand reduces the need for larger supply quantities along with the extra storage space for them. It may even eliminate the need to pay for warehousing space as well as the larger inventory. Printing on demand can also greatly reduce any waste reduction expenses you may incur from outdated or surplus print materials.
Your customers can also enjoy greater flexibility when using your print-on-demand options. Using a software editing interface, they can make as many edits to their uploaded graphic files as they wish at no additional cost. Once they are happy with the final print design, they only need to submit payments for the copies they order from your print shop. This process also has much faster turnaround times than printing press workflows that involve sending finished proofs to another location for rendering.
We will continue with more tips on turning your print shop into a print-on-demand enterprise on our next post. Stay tuned!