How to Make a Unique Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitations signal the one of the most important and memorable days of many people’s lives, and recipients are invited to participate in that special event. Traditional wedding invitations in past years have consisted of scrolled-handwriting fonts on a white paper background, rendered on extra-smooth finished paper. This design idea is an established standard, but there is nothing memorable about it.
It does not say anything about the couple about to be married, their personalities or their life together. Online printing technology now allows engaged couples to design their own invitations with any possible combinations of colors, fonts, themes and paper dimensions. Some couples opt to have their invitations printed on materials that are not paper at all, and many online printing services are able to bring these design ideas to reality.
Designing a Wedding Invitation That Stands Out
Couples who want to create memorable wedding invitations should first brainstorm what to include in the design. Do they share a particular hobby or occupation? Do they have particular likes or personality traits that stand out to friends and family? These questions can be good starting points, and the next step involves picking the invitation layout and design specifics. Another point to consider is the message they want their wedding invitations to convey, whether it’s light-hearted, sophisticated, eccentric or similar. Putting some time and thought into a custom wedding invitation design will help to make the event memorable for both the married couple and for their guests.
wedding invitation
Engaged couples are no longer limited to the prefabricated invitation templates available at printing businesses that use traditional offset presses. Signing up for a web-to-print online account with a print company offers much more flexibility. If these customers want to choose different fonts and type positions, they can simply search for the perfect font from an online vendor outside the print company and add it to their invitation software workspace. The same applies to invitation colors, backgrounds and images.
Incorporating Customized Photos and Graphics
Pictures and other types of graphics will truly make a wedding invitation stand out from the pack. A photo of the couple rendered on an invitation adds a definite personal touch, and some couples even incorporate several photos into a collage as part of their invitation design. Some web-to-print design software allows customers to make basic photo edits such as cropping, resizing and brightening. Just as with other online print design projects, this software allows clients to view realistic previews of how their finished invitations will appear.
Borders, scrollwork, hearts and even the couple’s initials on a seal are just a few examples of graphics that many engaged clients like to have rendered on their wedding invitations. Some even prefer adding pencil sketches of themselves drawn from photos and scanned as digital files. Arranging these design elements into an eye-catching layout will help to create a wedding invitation that captures each couple’s one-of-a-kind personalities. The best feature about using an online print design platform is that a couple can go through as many invitation drafts and make as many changes as they see fit before submitting the final file for printing.
Ideas for Invitation Typography
Along with graphics and photos, typography is an essential element that lends a wedding invitation its own design. Scrolling, looping handwriting is no longer the standard or the only option for these kinds of print projects. Couples can choose from thousands of possible fonts and are bound to find one that fits perfectly with the rest of their wedding invitation design. If this one font is bold or even comic book style, it can give the finished design even more character. Arranging the lettering on the rest of the invitation layout is normally as simple as clicking and dragging in the online print workspace.
Web-to-print technology has opened up nearly unlimited creative possibilities for wedding invitations. Selecting custom layouts and other design elements can be placed in the engaged couple’s creative control, and making a unique wedding invitation will help to make their big day that much more special.