What Are The Most Popular Uses Of Print Flyers?

It’s no secret that flyers are one of the most affordable marketing formats available in the market. Unlike posters or street banners, flyers are usually kept by customers. A successful flyer will find itself hanged on the fridge or a bulletin board, or kept in the drawer.
A great quality of flyers is that they are highly customizable, and can suit different purposes. The quality of print flyers can be enhanced quite easily by choosing premium paper options or gloss coating. In general, there are many uses for flyers, here are the most popular ones:

variety of brochures

  • Seasonal Sales. As opposed to ongoing sales all year round, seasonal sales are for short term and have an expiration date. This means that the advertising efforts must be quick and effective, and handing out flyers if the perfect means to drive local clientele to your business.

  • Promoting special events, fairs or festivals. Maybe the most common use for flyers, to generate curiosity and interest. Events, festivals, farmers markets or college open days, all need to advertise themselves in order to attract lots of visitors, and in addition to large street advertising and local newspapers, flyers are an easy and affordable way to spread the word.

  • Freelance service providers. Self-employed service providers need to find creative ways to advertise themselves, and broaden their clients base. Anyone who offers freelance services of any kind, whether a plumber, a graphic designer, a photographer or an electrician, can harness the benefits of placing an attractive brochure in mailboxes or at local businesses relevant to their profession (for instance – at a hardware store in you’re a plumber, or a photo shop if you’re a photographer). In this type of flyers, it’s useful to add your picture. It adds credibility and make the flyer stand out.

  • Charity and donations. This is another common use for flyers – raising awareness for a certain cause, or seeking donations. This kind of flyers usually include a strong message or photo that grabs the attention of the reader, luring him or her to read more and convince them to participate or donate.

Customizable flyers are a great, affordable advertising tool, which works especially well with limited budget or sources. All you need to do is get your design ready and choose the flyer that best suits your needs.