10 Top Tips to Create A Sensational Flyer

If you have your own business or are looking to establish one then you will be well aware of the fact that your marketing strategy can make you or break you. A comprehensive and eye catching advertisement will make sure that people remember your business and attract them to it. A boring and dour one, on the other hand, will prompt them to forget you instantly or alternatively make a completely negative impression. However, there is a popular misconception regarding marketing strategy floating around at the moment and that is that online methods are best. Social media campaigns, for example, can be very effective but never discard tried and tested methods. Flyers and brochures are undoubtedly still amongst some of the best marketing tools around!
brochure sampleUsing flyers in your local area can yield fantastic results, letting people know you are there and how they can take advantage of your products and services. They can also be highly successful for raising awareness about promotions and offers. First of all, though, you need to create a sensational flyer!
There are plenty of ways and means of creating the best flyer possible but the tips below will help you to get it right the first time. Each of the ten excellent tips has been proven to work time and again so check them out.

  1. Make sure that the main message is crystal clear. This is the most important tip when creating any flyer because, no matter how good the design is, it will fail miserably if what you are trying to promote isn’t clear. It should be clear, concise and obvious so make sure that you look for feedback from potential customers before you start.
  2. Avoid including too much information. You should only focus on one or two promotions and offers. Also make sure that your contact details are on it. There is no point creating flyers if potential customers cannot find you.
  3. Take advantage of print on demand services. Print on demand is ideal for only getting as many flyers as you want printed rather than having to opt for specific numbers as set by printing services. With online printing you can print only 300 flyers, and if you need more printed at a later date then no problem. It is completely your choice.
  4. Consider your target audience and make sure your design is tailored to appeal to them. There is no point in designing a flyer to attract new customers or promote something if it does not stand out to your target audience so really think about what they would want.
  5. Always use a focal image. There should always be a focal point on a flyer. Whether that is a high quality image or a sketch of some sort is up to you but, either way, it should draw all eyes to it and be relevant to your business or promotion.
  6. Consider sizing. If you are on a budget then popular sizes usually cost less but otherwise you might want to consider a different size or format that will help to make your flyer memorable.
  7. Avoid cheap paper choices. Remember that your flyer will always create a first impression and you do not want that to be bad. Also consider that potential customers may keep your flyer for future reference so it should be able to stand the test of time.
  8. Choose eye catching colors and patterns. Bright, happy colors like yellow, red and light blue will make people want to pick up your flyer. Dull and dour colors, on the other hand, may not even catch their eye at all. Think about what you look at. If the colors would grab your attention then they would work for your flyer.
  9. Create a memorable headline. Something short and snappy will capture attention immediately. It could be a company tagline or a memorable sentence that sums up your promotion accurately.
  10. Finally, PROOF READ your flyer! You will not believe how many people end up with bad mistakes on their flyers. Check everything over and over before you send your flyers to print and you will end up with the sensational flyers that you had in mind.

So there you go – the ten essential tips for creating sensational flyers. Now that you have the information at hand, all you have to do is use it to your advantage and create stunning flyers that will appeal to your target audience. It really is that easy.