Offline and Online Marketing Solutions: How To Merge Them

Physical and digital marketing have been subject of endless controversy during the last years. Many businesses have focused their attention and budget on digital advertisements, taking no notice of the enormous advantages of printing ads and ignoring the great benefits of taking the best of both worlds.
While some people have limited their marketing campaigns to just physical or digital strategies, some others have found that the best way is to merge these two methods, giving their companies the chance to get the most out of both.
QR codes for instance, are one of the best examples of how you can combine both, online and offline solutions. QR codes can be printed onto almost any surface. You can include them in business cards, posters, products, anywhere. They easily link people to your website and to any kind of digital marketing strategy. So, QR codes are the perfect transition from printed to digital advertisement, helping you use both methods in the same marketing campaign.
QR code example
Following this idea, you shouldn’t forget that people always have a good response to flyers, brochures, pamphlets etc. So, never give up to this type of advertising. The difference here is that in order to integrate both marketing strategies, online and offline, always make sure to include your website URL and email address in your printed materials.
Also remember that printings are physical advertisements which means emotional connections, more credibility and more chances to be noticed and to be kept. So, take advantage of this and make sure your printings have attractive colors and high quality designs in a way that people think twice before throwing them away.
Printed posters, for instance, also have a great impact on people. They can easily catch the attention of thousands of people in just a minute. So they are perfect to spread out your message positively. In order to make them more effective, include some of those interesting tweets or Facebook comments that your product has received online. Adding online interactions and testimonials that show people the credibility of your product and help them to identify with it, is a perfect way to integrate both advertising strategies.
Always make sure that your marketing message is consistent across both methods, online and offline. Pay attention to your designs and content in both, printed and digital advertisements. Make the most out of every solution and always find a way to integrate them. Use all the resources within your reach and unify both methods.