What Makes QR Codes So Amazing

Have you ever wondered what a QR code is? The meaning of QR code is Quick Response Barcode and it is a system designed to store information in a bidirectional barcode.
Originally it was used in car factories to register spare parts. Then, it became a useful tool for stocktaking in a wide variety of industries. In the last years, its use has grown with the design of barcode-scanning applications for smart phones. This new software expanded the uses of QR codes around the world. Today, millions of people take advantage of QR codes thanks to the enormous benefits it offers in our modern society.
qr code scanning
One of the most popular uses of QR codes is linking people from their mobiles to online content. QR codes can be placed on business cards, catalogs, brochures, bus-stop advertisements and even stickers.
Which are the latest and more innovative ways to use QR codes? In the last years, QR codes have been placed on lots of products and advertisements linking you directly to the manufacturer’s webpage, to promotional videos or to websites designed to provide you more information about the product or service you are interested in.
Lately, they have had some other interesting uses. For example, some stores are using them to facilitate customers the payment process. Instead of wasting time in long lines to pay, just by integrating their preloaded cards in their cell phones app, clients can pay quicker, also having the chance to get more information about the product.
In some museums QR codes are placed next to exhibits to link visitors to online tours or to more detailed information. In bus and train stations, as well as live events QR codes are used to provide updated information, such as the best possible transport connections, delays, last-minute changes, special offers or events, etc.
Some chains of supermarkets are using QR codes in gifts. When customers buy some kind of gift they receive a QR code that they can scan to record a personalized voice message. The QR code is stuck in the gift package and just by scanning it, the recipient has the chance to listen to the voice message.
QR codes have multiple uses in the modern world. They offer you a wide variety of options to make your life easier. It is time to take advantage of their great benefits and give you the chance to take part of this huge tech revolution!