New UV LED Lacquers On The Market

WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH recently released six new lacquers for the use of LED-based drying systems for the offset and flexo printing. They offer two UV-LED lacquers for regular coating units, two UV-LED inking unit lacquers, and two UV-LED-based structure gloss hybrid lacquer systems.

These new advanced lacquers are characterized by good gradation, high gloss and good matte values and minimal yellowing tendency. They are currently available for the both wavelengths 385 nm and 395 nm.

LED curing advantages:

  • Energy-saving compared to conventional UV technology
  • Radiation energy is available immediately, with no waiting times for starting up or cooling down
  • Minimal heat input into the substrate
  • High durability of the radiators
  • Possible pointed radiation
  • Lamps do not contain toxic substances
  • No ozone development at the used wavelengths
  • Lacquers for absorbent substrates, such as paper and cardboard

If your print business offers coating services, these new UV-LED lacquers are worth a look at.