How Can Print Shops Keep Pace In An Online World

Looking ahead and planning for the future is something that any type of business should do. It’s even more important if your business relays on customers who do everything online.

Studies suggest that in just a few years, 80% of the world’s population will be smartphone users. This means that with the tap of a finger, digital and social media will be accessed anywhere and at any time.

As a print provider, this is your opportunity to catch up and be a part of the online revolution. How? By integrating your web-to-print services with mobile apps.

Mobile and Smart-phone technologies have made a big transformation in our society behavior, allowing consumers to do everything virtually, from searching for information, connecting to social media platforms, and accessing emails to buying almost any type of merchandise.

B2CPrint, the Web-to-Print experts, offers the perfect solution for print providers – the Photo-to-Print App. This easy to use App will jump your print shop to the next level and place you at the top.

In our days, people run their entire lives on their smartphones and tablets, equipped with sophisticated cameras that offer high photo quality.

All the photos are stored in the mobile device or at their social channels, so being able to order their photo prints using the App in a matter of seconds is very appealing.

Using the app your customers will have the ability to upload the pictures they wish to order, choose the print size, paper, finish types, graphics, and complete an order in a few minutes.

The best thing about this App is that your clients will be able to upload photos directly from their social accounts like Facebook and Instagram, which make this friendly App even friendlier!

Once your customers install your app on their mobile your print shop will become their instant source for their printing needs.