How Social Media Relationships Can Increase Print Sales

The point of social media

Probably every business owner hears that they must use social media to reach more clients and increase sales. That’s great, but no one really tells us exactly what to do and how to do it.

The thing is, if you don’t know how to use social media correctly, you won’t get results. And frankly, social media is quite worthless unless it generates results (increase sales, expanding clients reach, or any other result for that matter).

For companies in the print industry, results usually measure in sales. The more people you reach and spread the word about your online print shop for example, the more print projects you’ll receive and increase your revenue.

How does social media fit into the sales cycle?

In general, there are three important stages in creating a worthwhile social media presence:

  1. Finding and attracting the right prospects

  3. Engaging with those prospects

  5. Converting prospects into paying customers

The best way to find, engage and convert prospects is by offering a unique service or a really affordable deal.

Reaching prospects in social media

To employ social media channels in the best way, you’ll need to start by creating your business’s page in every channel (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are the largest and most effective channels).

Inform your clients about your new page and encourage them to follow you. Be sure to post something at least once a week (even just an interesting link or a pretty image from a previous print order) to keep in touch with your followers.

Once in a while offer a unique deal or a discount for your followers, so they’ll know you care about them and offer something just for them.

You are bound to see results quite quickly after setting up your social accounts. Just remember to keep in touch with your followers and offer special deals.