Winning SEO Tips for a Successful Web-to-Print Website

Having a Web-to-Print website as a printing service is a huge step towards more revenue.

However, simply having the website is not nearly enough, you must employ some serious SEO tactics in order to expose your site to as many potential clients as possible!


Here are the most useful tips to improve your website’s SEO and get noticed:

  • Index yourself. It might sound “old”, but subscribing to national and even global indexes is something that many website owners neglect to do. Indexing your site will promote search engines awareness towards your site and may even increase the amount of traffic you get. Make sure to add a description of your company and the main services you provide. There are tons of index sites and many of them are free and even allow you to add a link to your website.
  • Subscribe to forums and communities. Similarly to indexing, you can offer your services at dedicated forums, or give some advice if you see a question regarding your expertise. This way, you’ll establish yourself as an expert and increase the awareness towards your printing solutions. Plus, you will promote your sites’ rating.
  • Another action that not many are aware of is tagging. Whenever is possible, tag every product you present in its related subject. Tagging can include your page title description, the meta-description and inside every product page or blog post.
  • seo-tips-01Get familiar with Google Analytics.
    Using Google Analytics will help you monitor your sites’ activity and potential. By adding a short script (provided by Google) you can manage, get statistics and anonymous analytics of your sites’ visitors.
    For instance, you can get reports about the amount of time users spent in each page. This information may help you understand better what pages are the most popular and which need improvement. Proper use of this information can help you increase your site’s visits and visit duration – thus increase your revenue.
    Another great thing about Analytics is that you can determine where your visitors came from. This knowledge is priceless because if you see that most of your visits came from a certain directory you can advertise in that site, thus expanding your potential clients base even more.

So, as you can see, promoting your Web-to-Print site using SEO tactics isn’t very complicated. In most cases, the small amount of work you put in to it can really make a difference.