How Can Google’s New Hummingbird Algorithm Assist Printing Companies – Part 2

In the previous post we’ve explored Google’s new algorithm, the Hummingbird. In this part, we will continue to demonstrate how can this algorithm help any business improve its’ rate in search engines and reach more potential clients.
How print companies can reap the rewards from Hummingbird
The algorithm serves to reward professional print businesses with excellent website content as well as great finished products. Potential customers are often searching through businesses for answers to common questions, such as “How much does a batch of custom flyers cost on average?” or “What are the available sizes for a set of printed business cards?”
Hummingbird is designed to return the most helpful matching content as answers based on the complete questions rather than on a few short keywords. Such keywords have become a common source of low-quality, unhelpful content that does not address users’ given queries. People on average have limited time to separate the high- from the low-quality search results, and many might give up before reaching a print business’s site with matching information.

getting the right result

Print companies can reap the most benefits from the Hummingbird algorithm by ensuring their site content is of the best quality possible. If a given print business does not yet have a company blog, now would be an excellent time to start one. Adding top-notch posts on a regular basis is highly advisable, and that content should address common customer questions about printing services and available finished products. Example topics include the benefits of small business print advertising and the methods a print company employs to pass savings on to customers.
Instead of inserted keywords, this kind of content will appear much higher in search results generated under the Hummingbird algorithm. This kind of search through synonyms, recognized semantics and long-tail phrases will bring up content that answers the “Who, What, When, Where and Why” of the queries that potential customers enter. Pairing a good content strategy with Google’s Hummingbird stands to make a print business more reputable and also more visible to new clients.