How Can Google’s New Hummingbird Algorithm Assist Printing Companies – Part 1

Google recently released a new algorithm named “Hummingbird” as part of the tech giant’s ongoing efforts to create more natural, intuitive search results. Hummingbird works by creating “conversational search” designed to understand complete sentences and various words’ functions within them. For instance, if a user types in “Where is the best print shop near me?”, Google will now recognize the need to search locations based on the words ”where” and “near.”
Google’s Hummingbird also understands the meanings behind the words “places” and “businesses” and interprets them as specific brick-and-mortar stores or offices located near a given searcher.
searching in google
The algorithm stands to bring more positive, useful results for both business owners and consumers looking for specific goods or services. Print companies in particular can benefit from their websites showing up in more search results pages based on more diverse terms typed into the search box.
Benefits of the Google Hummingbird Algorithm
In the past, a potential customer who searched Google for “flyer printing” could receive search results noticeably different from those of another customer who typed in “brochure printing”, or another user who typed “pamphlet printing”.
A high quality printing business may turn up in the first search results page but not the second or third, possibly creating a missed business opportunity for the print company. Hummingbird works to eliminate this problem by treating the product terms as synonyms and returning a given print business’s URL in all search cases.
By better recognizing human language and its nuances, Hummingbird brings more chances for print company owners to promote their various products and see the increased online customer traffic as a result. Terms such as “digital printing”, “business cards”, “posters” and even “invitations” will all return the name of the same reputable print company near the top of the search results page.
Don’t miss out next post with more info to come about the Hummingbird algorithm and how print companies can reap the benefits from it.