6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Self-publishing

The publishing industry is living a total revolution with self-publishing. This system is offering authors new opportunities than ever before. Some innovations such as print-on-demand services and e-books publishing allow authors who cannot attract the attention of a traditional publishing house to have the chance to publish on their own.
One of the most important advantages of self-publishing is the fact that it offers authors the chance of freedom. There is no need to convince a publishing house about your idea. There is no need to make unwanted changes to turn your book into a more profitable product. Freedom is essential, especially when it comes to art and creativeness.
With self-publishing you don’t need to wait for one or another publishing house to give you a positive answer (which generally takes a long way of rejections before being accepted). Besides, self-published books can be brought to market in just months, considering that print books tend to take more than two years to reach the market. E-books are even faster than that. They can take just a few weeks thanks to the enormous benefits of the online market.
author signing a book
With a traditional publishing house you end up getting low royalties that amount to 10% or 15% of your book’s revenue. However, when self-publishing you won’t have to share the profits and you get 100% profit. Of course, you will need to pay for the editing, designing and marketing processes, but you will definitely have more control over where your money goes.
So, you will retain complete control of the planning, designing, editing, marketing and publishing processes. Cover designs, book formats, prices and other important decisions will be made only by you. This never happens with traditional publishing.
This way, all copy rights will belong to you. So, as an independent author you can do whatever you wish with your book. With publishing house otherwise, you will have different types of constraints that you cannot breach.
New services like print-on-demand allow self-publishers to print books as needed instead of having to pay for large press runs that could leave them with many unsold copies and a huge debt to repay.
The perception of self-publishing has changed in the last years and many successful authors who had contracts with traditional houses are now moving into the self-publishing industry. This definitely means that self-publishing is also an opportunity for new authors in the market. It’s actually a solution that brings enormous benefits for all those writers who want to enjoy the freedom of becoming authors in this modern world.