The Best Format For Self-publishing Your Book

There are many controversial issues about e-books and paper books and many authors wonder which format they should choose to publish their titles. The truth is that both e-books and printed books have their own markets and particular advantages. Here are four reasons for you to use both formats when self-publishing.

  1. Let’s face it, e-books are becoming more and more popular and there’s no point in closing the door to this huge market. On the other hand, many people don’t like e-books because they don’t like the impact of technological devices in their lives or they simply prefer the great experience of smelling and leafing through paper books.

  3. Self-publishing is about selling books and to sell you need to find the best way to satisfy your customers needs and expectations. So, both formats have their particular benefits for readers and you should take advantage of all of them to offer readers what they want. When it comes to traveling, many readers prefer e-books because they are the perfect solution to bring a whole library with them. However, with physical books readers don’t need electronic devices to read, which is great when they don’t have access to e-readers or computers. Besides, with paper books there is no battery troubles either.
    girl reading a book

  5. Since you are looking for markets, both formats offer great advantages when promoting a book. On one hand, standard books can be great marketing tools: You can use them as gifts. You can always have a copy to show to people. You can do book signings and readings. On the other hand, with e-books, you have a wide variety of online marketing solutions to promote them using social media and websites. Besides, readers can immediately buy, download and read your book with no need to wait for the paper version delivery. You can also place some chapters to catch readers’ attention and motivate them to buy your book.

  7. When it comes to publishing, e-books are always cheaper than standard versions, and they are often sold at cheaper prices too. So, authors usually sell more e-copies than physical copies. However, since you cannot fight against tradition, millions of people prefer to pay more but having a paper version because they love the smell and weight of a paper book in their hands. So, you may have similar incomes in both formats.

At the end of the day, why should you choose between one format or another when you can enjoy the benefits of self-publishing both, e-books and paper books? Don’t close the doors to any of those markets. Both of them offer you great chances to succeed!