Top Tips On Targeted Marketing To Advertise Your Book

Marketing your book online may be a really tough job if you don’t know how to do it properly. There are many tools and resources to market your book on the web, but there are also millions of people following the same purpose. You need to make a big impact if you really want to compete and succeed.

  1. Always have a link for purchasing. Do not send emails without it. Link to your website, Facebook page, blog, newsletter etc. Always link to where people can purchase your book. Keep your link between two and four lines.

  3. Use #hashtag searches to connect you with like-minded readers, fans and other authors to help you increase your number of followers. By using #hashtag searches you can find potential buyers for your book, getting the benefits of targeted marketing.

  5. Always link to other sites, even to yours, so you can generate more hits to be found. Every time you comment on other people’s blogs you can add a link. This linking increases your traffic and chances to be noticed by search engines. Link exchanges with other authors is also a good idea, this is a win-win situation where you have the chance to place your links in view of other users.
    girl reading a book outside

  7. Provide data about your book to get the benefits of tools such as “Google trends”, “audience for”, “books about” etc. There are huge search engines that bring the greatest and biggest libraries within everybody’s reach and count with great tools to help you spread out your book marketing message among potential followers.

  9. It is important to add great content to your blog, website and posts in general. Your fans need to feel that you are an expert and that you have a lot to teach them. Give them something that benefits them from reading your posts and buying your book. Valuable content is a critical aspect when it comes to building a brand and generating traffic.

  11. Through the internet you have the chance to interact with users, fans and potential buyers. Join groups and forums, especially those that have something to do with books and readers like book club groups with large memberships. Keep it casual and friendly and always listen and respond. Interacting with prospects help you build a solid brand.

Always remember to complement online marketing with offline marketing solutions such as printing bookmarks, newsletters, posters, flyers etc. You can also go on physical book tours, find places to give book readings and make a donation of your book to get new fans. It is always about integrating all the marketing solutions at your reach and working hard to find a place in the books market.