Starting Your Offline Book Marketing Campaign

People are used to use the Internet to market and promote books. Obviously, the web offers you countless chances to advertise your book and you can have a great acceptance if you do it well. However, there are also many tips to advertise your book offline and they can also help you get excellent results. All that you need to do is selecting the right items to promote your book as well as the best solutions to spread out your book message.
There are many interesting items to choose to promote a book but just a few can cause a really positive impact on people:
Calendars, for instance, are perfect tools for advertising. Since they have many pages and enough space on them, calendars can be a perfect solution to advertise your book and you can even include a summary, images and the book cover on them.
Postcards on the other hand, are also great items to use. You can print postcards with really attractive and eye-catching images about your book and even mailing them, reaching a wide amount of targeted audience.
unique bookmarkOne of the cheapest items to use to promote your book is bookmarks. They are constantly used by readers. So you are probably using the best item to promote your book since readers will have your message in front of their eyes all the time!
You can also use posters, no matter the size. You can use small and big posters to promote your book always making sure that your book message is clear and the graphics you use are noticeable enough.
However, there are also other solutions to use when it comes to promoting your book. You can always ask for an interview to your local radio and newspaper.
You can also give a book reading in your local coffee shop and even print your book marketing message on the coffee mugs.
You can make book donations at hospitals, in the local community college library and in any special coffee shop where customers have the chance to read your book for free while drinking a cup of coffee or tea.
There are many options to promote your book offline and there are many items that you can certainly use to spread out your book message. Just choose the right message to print on them, select the most eye-catching images and start thinking local to initiate your offline marketing campaign.