The Differences Between Printed And Electronic Communication

It is a fact that many companies around the world are using electronic tools to communicate with their customers. With the advance of online methods, more and more companies prefer emails than hard copy mailing to send statements, advertisements and any other type of information to their clients.
It is true that electronic mailing saves you lots of troubles such as printing, packaging and postage costs. Actually, many people choose emails because of environmental concerns. But let´s be honest, are emails a real pollution–free method? Don’t online statements depend on energy consumption to be sent?
sending email
While emails have less chances to be read because they can be stored as spam, trashed or unread due to the enormous amount of emails people receive every day, good printing statements and ads have a different treatment of three glances, one when they are received, two for checking them, and three for achieving them. Doesn’t it sound great?
Besides, online readers tend to gather quick information, but, when customers read offline, they usually pay longer attention to what they are reading, so the message is easier to remember if it is printed.
Millions of people use Internet every day. However, some companies never take into account that not everyone has Internet access. Believe it or not, this is a fact and you need to consider it before rejecting the idea of printed communication. Indeed, many people decide to not use the Internet, because they don’t really feel comfortable with the online advertisements. In both cases, printed communications hold all the aces becoming into a powerful marketing tool able to reach everyone.
In the particular case of advertisements, it is easier to build a brand based on printed ads than using electronic methods. Why? Very simple, they are more visual. Since they are physical, its graphics and content usually have an emotional response on readers. In this sense, company logos have a particular effect. Through print advertisements it is easier to build your brand if you wisely combine your company’s logo with a very good design.
Even though printed mailing might sound like something pretty old and outdated, the truth is that it still has a really important impact on customers and it is essential for you to consider its advantages before deciding on printed mailing, emailing or both of them. A good and well-thought marketing campaign requires diverse communicating methods using different forms of media. There is no point in rejecting one or another if you can make a good use of both, printed and electronic. Printed statements and ads will be useful and effective as long as consumers like reading printed information.