Are Your Online Ads That Effective?

There are lots of questions, doubts, and controversial debates about the effectiveness of online advertisements. Have you ever wondered if online advertisements are more or less effective than printed ads? This is a huge and critical question that most of marketers must answer before continue designing marketing campaigns.
According to studies more than 50% of people agree that online banners don’t work at all. Most of them consider these ads as annoying, confusing and distracting elements in any website. It seems like marketers are overrating the real impact of online ads on consumers, when some questions need to be asked first. Are they really effective? If not, why?
social networksAccording to those recent studies, something is going wrong and it is critical for marketers to find out the right answers before continuing designing their online marketing campaigns. Without doubt, online world offers great advantages for advertising, because it is there where people are spending all their time and money. There is no limit to reach someone on the Web and that is the most incredible advantage of online marketing. However, apparently something is not working and some experts think they know the reason.
One of the most popular theories when comparing online and printing ads is the “impersonal nature” of the first one. According to experts printing ads are more successful due to their personal nature. Quite the opposite happens with online advertisements that tend to be totally impersonal. So, taking this as a starting point, there are some important questions to answer first. It is really true that online advertisements are less effective than printed ones? If their “impersonal nature” is affecting them, creating more targeted, relevant and interesting online ads could be the key to really effective marketing campaigns? These questions need to be answered before making a decision.
But one thing´s for sure, more than 50% percent of consumers are not happy with online banners and they really want engaging and appealing experiences, nor exasperating and invasive ads. As mentioned in this article: Are Online Ads Less Effective Than TV and Print Ads?, consumers expect for relevant content that makes a difference, that say something. So, it is totally crucial to understand what customers want and expect to find online, and it is critical to learn about what is working and what is not.
Once marketers are able to deal with all these variables, they will start creating really powerful and effective online ads, people will notice them and companies will finally get results from these marketing solutions.
Study your consumers carefully, learn what they want, design relevant content for your online ads and provide really appealing and engaging experiences. This is a new start for people involved in the online marketing industry. There are still many things to solve and perfect. At the end of the day, we learn by trial and error. So, let´s go for it!