Taking your Company To The Next Level With Professional Printers

One of the hottest topics today in the printing industry is the new mP5i and mP10i models of the mPower i-series. They have changed the printing world, revolutionizing the production of the most important digital printing companies.
These 2 printers take it to the next level improving performance and durability. One of the great advantages of these models is the faithful color reproducing. Amazingly, the quality of the colors is incredibly accurate no matter if the images are printed onto t-shirts, caps, canvas bags or any other product.
On the other hand, these models include new improvements in ink delivery as well as other kinds of printing mechanism to develop the companies’ production helping them save time, increase fidelity to source images as well as control their costs and expenses much better. The ink handling is now much easier, which increase the volume productions while lowering costs.
large color printer
At the same time, printing and maintenance routines requires less consumption and waste of ink. The printing mechanism was enhanced with more durable and high- quality pumps, valves and print head maintenance components. All these enhancements make them the perfect models to improve the digital printing companies’ performances.
As a result, the improved design has been pretty popular with digital printing companies. The color fidelity, the wider range of colors, the low costs and the top quality of productions have become into nothing but success to these companies.
Since printing technology goes so fast, market becomes more and more demanding. So, improve your quality production, reduce your cost and increase your profits. Consider the enormous benefits of these new models and take your company to the next level.