Web To Print Is Taking Over Traditional Printing

There is a huge problem nowadays between web to print and traditional printers. Web to print is a modern program based work, while traditional printers are just a project based work, and we could say right now, an obsolete system to print in this digital era.
Their technologies are so different that there is no chance for adoption. Conventional printers’ method was designed for high quantity and speed production, while web to print technology was not conceived for quantity, but quality, not for high speed production, but for designing unique solutions to satisfy the specific needs of clients. Want it or not, conventional printers need to find their way to take part in this process, otherwise there is no chance for them to survive.
laptop computer technologyWeb to print was carefully designed to satisfy specific needs of customers. Its technology is based on servers, HTML interfaces, SaaS, databases, scripting engineers with security and permissions schemas, automated FTP servers, slow digital presses, templates and catalogs and automated reporting. It was totally designed to deal with market variables, including unique custom automated billing models, obligatory pricing, shipping methods and a unique set of customer services challenges.
So, it is urgent for traditional printers to find their place there. There is no other way to continue printing. Although change is always scaring, it is necessary to get updated and to open the doors to modern times. It is important to look for help.
If you are in the middle of this situation right now, the wisest thing to do is finding someone with the right skills, an internet expert able to deal with programming, someone who can understand this new technology, someone who can carry out the change from old to modernity. That is the only way to go on.
One cannot close one´s mind to change and evolution. The same happened with computers twenty years ago. We are living in a new era where technology and Internet have the last word. There is nothing to do, just follow the crowd.
Web to print came here to stay, and not only that, it came here to replace the project based work. Traditional printing is dying and there is no point in continuing fighting. As soon as traditional printers realize it, more chance they will have to get reinserted in the market and recuperate clients and sales.