How To Stand Out As A Printing Service?

Many print providers struggle with the issue of how to market their business and stand out above their competitors. One of the things that a printing service can do to leverage itself is to install a web to print software. This software allows the business to get orders at any time and print them once the order is complete.
This service puts your company at the top of its game, way above your competitors who still offer the same old printing options and strict timetables. With a web to print software, you can offer your clients the chance to design, order and print at any given time and without leaving their home!

Here’s how it works: The web to print software is a smart system that clients can log-in to from any PC. Once they’ve created their account, they can choose the desired printed project (a brochure, a catalog, an invitation, even a book), design it to their specifications, proof and edit as much as they need, and send it to print at any time.
Once the client is ready with the order, he\she sends it print, choosing the exact number of copies they want, and the order is processed at your print shop, and can be printed and be ready almost immediately. It will only require 1 staff member to oversee the work and make sure the printing is fluent.
This is still a lot practical than 3-4 staff members working on one order. This means you can hire less employees, or free the ones you have to work on other, more important things. As for the clients, it gives them the opportunity to control every detail from start to finish and also to determine exactly how many copies to print and when.
No doubt that a web to print software is a win-win situation for everyone involved, but especially to your business. You can turn your print house into a one-stop print shop, with the most attractive advantage – the comfort of doing everything remotely, online, without the need to get to the store and sit with a graphic designer every time a small change in needed.