Russian Print Moment Website By B2C

A great example of how the advancements in technology impact businesses is the web-to-print technology. This software allows customers to upload any kind of project for printing, design their own templates and even specify the amount of prints they want to order. Web to print software is beneficial to both professional print houses and their customers due to its efficiency, ease of use, collaboration possibilities and lower production costs to be passed on to customers.
A web to print software allows a client to login and create various on demand print jobs. Clients will be able to login and make print orders of any kind – brochures, business cards, special invitations, postcards, and even books or photo albums, and also make changes in any given time.
brochures by PrintMoment
At B2CPrint, we have recently created an online printing website for the Russian Print Moment website. The website allows clients to order various print jobs and upload images from the comfort of their home, all in 3 simple steps.
Print Moment is a service designed to save clients time and money, where they can select from more than 3,500 templates. Clients can login, select options, edit the text, change the font, change background color, insert images or photos, and more. All can be done from the clients’ home or office, 7 days a week, all year round.