Why Every Print Shop Should Implement Web to Print Technology

Want to increase the sales of your printing enterprise? If you do, you should definitely implement web to print system in your organization. Print industry has gone through huge innovations and developments in the last few years, especially in terms of user experience and fast turnaround times.

These changes in the print industry are backed by constant developments in other industries, and especially the IT. Today, with the boom in web technology and mobile communication, customers prefer to transact over the web, expecting ease of placing orders from the convenience of their homes and get the products ready fast.

Web to print technology is doing exactly that. It offers convenience both for the printers and customers through web interfaces. Its effectiveness is well demonstrated when utilized for standardization of brands and enhancement of marketing efforts. When you have a system that is user friendly and easy to use, your team members can get trained immediately, so the chances of revenue growth will increase as well.

The major benefit of this technology is the fact that the client doesn’t need to physically visit the printing company in order to produce their desired printing project. Be it a wedding invitation, business cards, flyers, catalogs or even their own book, the clients can create the entire project from home, or office.

The web to print systems allows the client to create their own account, login whenever they want, create a project for printing, adding images, editing and make any changes right until the moment they send the project to print. Then, your print store gets the order, and the printing process begins. The final product will be sent to the client or picked up at your store, according to your delivery policy.

To sum it up, here are the main benefits of web to print technology for print shops:

  • Print shops, customers and designers can collaborate and better interact with each other through rich user interfaces, to produce high quality results.
  • Streamlined workflow leading to fast turnarounds and high quality production.
  • Eliminates paper waste and saves time and resources.
  • Allows customization of printed material at any stage right until ordering.
  • Offers seamless integration with third-party software and systems.
  • Boosts marketing performance, increases customer reach and expands customer base.

B2CPrint’s integrated web to print solution offers print shops around the world with all of these mentioned benefits. Print stores can use this advanced solution effectively to further streamline the print processes and achieve higher efficiency and revenue.