4 Features Every Web to Print Solution Must Have

You must have heard about web to print technology, especially if you are in the printing business. But do you know what a web to print system actually needs as a printing platform? Does it simply allows users to customize and order personalized printed materials online? What are the essential features it must have?
The following aspects are the most important when it comes to operating a web to print solution from your print shop. The main thing in common is making it as easy as possible for the user to perform various printing tasks. Let’s see what these essential aspects are:

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  1. Perhaps the most important feature is the ease of use, a user-friendly system. This is essential for any web to print service – because if the product isn’t easy to use, not a lot of people will use it. A web to print system has to provide a user friendly environment to the end user. The user should feel secure, so there shouldn’t be any difficulties or elaborate technicalities in the system. Try putting yourself in the end-user shoes and ask questions or imagine troubles that might happen. Ease of use should be the main feature to focus on, especially at a web to print platform.
  2. Accessibility to an immediate quote for online printing jobs. The web to print system should work with the same procedures at your store. You probably have a price list according to the quantity, paper quality, packaging and courier services. The same procedure should be applied in your web to print solution. The client should have the option to get an immediate quote by providing the necessary information.
  3. Production and delivery. If you want to stand out as a prominent online printing service, you need to offer exceptional production and delivery times. That’s one of the most attractive features of a web-based service – the user can login at any time from any place, complete the order and get it done and delivered at maximum speed.
  4. A unique personal account for each client. A web to print system that has a personal account for each client is much more reliable. A system that offers the user the ability to login at any time and make changes or edits before the project is sent to print, or enter a year later and renew a certain order, is a reliable system, one that users will be likely to recommend on.

Before deciding whether or not a web to print solution is right for your business, take the time to research and really understand the benefits of this solution. It’s also important to choose the best provider for a web to print system, so do your research well and choose smartly.