Print Shop Owner – It’s Time To Go APP

Probably the most important aspect as a business owner is to always look at advancements in your field and implement them. It’s even more relevant in the print industry, where advancements are made on a daily basis and as a print shop owner you must keep up. Especially if you want to widen your client base and increase your profits.

In our digital world people run their entire life on their mobile devices – connecting with friends, shop online and taking plenty of photos with their advanced smartphones that offer high photo quality.

The photos are usually stored in the mobile device or uploaded to social channels. Either way, it’s very easy to access those photos. Imagine how excited your clients will be when they learn they can use a simple app and send those photos to print at your print shop without actually visit your store!!

This is exactly what B2CPrint is offering – the Photo-to-Print App. This easy to use app will instantly jump your print shop to the next level and set you at the top list of print providers.

What are the benefits of having your own app?

The fact is that millions of people download apps and shop through them every day. People are used to do everything on their mobile, and printing is a natural step forward.

When customers download your app you essentially become their preferred print provider for everything print related. They’ll start with printing a few photos and continue with a family album or a wedding invitation…

In a matter of minutes your clients will be able to upload photos (from their mobile or from their Facebook or Instagram accounts), choose their preferred size, finish and graphics, and send the order to print.

Your new app will help increase your sales and expose your print shop to new customers. Want to learn more? Visit our website