Print on Demand for Your e-Commerce Business

In the printing industry, technological innovations are extremely important. One of these innovations is print on demand, and it is the perfect tool for any printshop.

Essentially, print-on-demand is an advanced solution which enables website visitors to print any print product 24/7, according to specific demands, in small or large quantities.

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For your business, it means offering an advanced, online, easy-to-use service that will make the entire printing process much easier for your customers. In addition, it frees your staff from dealing with customers to more important tasks, handling orders, inventory or invoices, for example.

The main benefit of print-on-demand (POD) printing is the ability to order a small amount of print products which traditionally require a bulk order – such as business brochures, folders and even books.

This print solution eliminates the minimum copies quota, attracting customers who need to print a small amount of copies. Adding print-on-demand services to your printshop is an sure way to bring in business from these potential clients.

But there’s more to that. POD offers many more benefits, such as:

  • A simple log-in from any device.
  • Online updates, changes, edits and rewrites to the print order.
  • No quantity limitations – clients can create small or large orders.
  • Reduces paper waste and storage costs resulting from unused copies.

How to Get Started

First you’ll need to set up a website for customers to submit their orders. After logging in, your customers can choose their desired print products – from business cards to wedding invitations – using pre-made templates.

Using an intuitive Editor, they can edit the layout, add text and custom graphics, change colors and fonts and adjust the size of the final product.

Setting up this type of website shouldn’t take long, and with the help of an experienced company you can have your own online print shop in no time.

Adding print on demand technology to your arsenal of services is a smart move that will keep your company relevant. Print on demand will lower your costs and allow more flexibility for your customers.