The Greatness of On-Demand Printing

People love books, even today with all the technology and internet… Still, holding the book in your hands or flipping through pictures as a child, there’s nothing like it… There are many kinds of books – love stories, thrillers, novels, children’s books and even photo books. Most books are printed through offset processes but digitally printed books are gaining more market presence every year.

Obviously, for the reader, it doesn’t matter how the book is printed, they just want the book itself. But what if that specific book is out of sale? Is it possible to print only one copy of the desired book? The answer is “yes”, if you offer digitally printed books through print-on-demand solution.

Print on demand technology allows people to order any number of copies from the printing business. Most print companies require submitting a minimum bulk order before processing, but with print on demand, your clients can order even 1 or 2 copies of their book.

This printing option is especially popular among independent book authors who only need a small number of prints at a time. As a printing business, for these clients, on-demand printing is the ideal and most economical choice. You basically give them the ability to not being required to order large quantities they may not completely use. Plus, the writer remains in control of his or her own work.

When printing on demand, your clients will enjoy the flexibility of adding updates or changes to their printed projects. This technology helps eliminating any extra costs of having unsold books or outdated brochures recycled or destroyed. It also reduces paper waste resulting from unused copies, making the practice better for the environment as well.

The greatest benefit of this technology is that it’s an online printing technology, and clients can simply log-in from anywhere at any time and make format changes, load new graphics and images, and even change the text. Only after the final approval, the project is sent to print, be it 1 copy of a family book, or 500 copies of a brochure.

As a printing company, there’s no doubt that this technology can only benefit your business. Want to learn more about print on demand technology? Read here about our online printing solutions.