New Website From B2C – MAILBOXES ETC In Mexico

These days technology is evolving and growing by the minute, and wise retailers know that they have to evolve with it. One of the best examples on how the advancements in technology impact businesses is the online printing, or web-to-print.
A professional web to print software allows customers to upload artwork or photos they want to use, design their own templates and specify the print materials they want to order. Web to print software is beneficial to both professional print houses and their customers due to its efficiency, ease of use, collaboration possibilities and lower production costs to be passed on to customers.
With this software, a client can login and create various on demand print jobs. Businesses that implement this software can offer their clients the ability to login, make print orders of any kind (brochures, business cards, special invitations, postcards, and so on…) and make changes in any given time.

flyers by Mailboxes Etc

Recently, B2CPrint have created an online printing website for the Mexican Mail Boxes Etc. The website allows their clients to order various print jobs, upload images from the comfort of their home or office at all times and enjoy the convenience of having the order delivered to them.
Mail Boxes Etc is the first web-to-print portal in Latin America. The company bases its business model on the philosophy of on demand printing solution, helping businesses to reduce design and printing costs, labor and service, investment in equipment and other variable costs associated with printing, copying and document reproduction.
Clients can login to the website at any time, make changes in orders, view progress and approve them, all without even leaving their house or office. The final printed project will be delivered to them or to the nearest Mail Boxes Etc center, making the entire process simple and fast.