The Way To Keep Print Relevant In A Digital World

Our world becomes more and more digital every day. We all want to stay connected all the time, get the latest news or hear about the latest craze out there. This digital world we live in affects all industries, and especially niches like print, advertising, and design. However, print can remain an effective and even revenue-generating tool, despite the abundance of digital mediums.

In reality, print plays an important role in impacting prospective clients purchase decisions. A recent study showed that consumers ranked print media advertising as the most trusted medium; higher than television and Internet advertising. The majority of consumers said advertising in print is the most influential in supporting purchase making decisions.

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It is clear that print is an integral component of any successful marketing campaign. When print is combined with digital technologies, you get a truly effective communication tool. There’s no surprise why lots of small businesses say that their ideal marketing mix is a combination of print and digital advertising.

So, how is it that print stays relevant and effective in a digital world? Print provides some unique applications through digital printing, such as augmented reality, QR codes and personalization. With these qualities, print can easily engage with prospective customers and act as a bridge to the online world.

As stated in this article, this is critical especially for marketers communicating their products and services online. Through this kind of connection, print can tap into multiple communication channels and deliver substantial value to end-users, as well as boost their own bottom line.