Inkjet Printing On Offset Coated Paper – A Real Revolution

Up until now, coated stock prints referred to items such as books, catalogs or magazines. These require the use of expensive paper, plus additional production modules incorporated into the print process.

But coated paper also presents challenges with printing, especially regarding ink smearing and drying. Last week, Xerox presented at the Graph Expo and gave us a glimpse into their new technology of coated-paper printing.

Inkjet printing on offset coated paper is much more challenging than printing on uncoated stock. For starters, coated stocks do not absorb ink quite easily as uncoated stocks, and require inks with greater adhesion.

Another issue for coated paper is drying, since the ink sits higher on the surface of the paper. To solve this, Xerox’s Trivor 2400 Inkjet Press is equipped with more efficient and powerful dryers, which along with ink formulation and controlling the amount of ink laid on the paper ensures proper curing for image durability.

According to Xerox, the new inkjet printer can satisfy large volumes cost-effectively and in a single-pass, while incorporating variable data that drives relevancy through messaging and offers.