5 Tips To Boost Your Print-Shop Sales

Print-shop owner, want to increase your revenue and boost your sales?
Start implementing the following tips right now!!


  1. Setup a web-to-print website so your clients can design, create and order online. This will give them the option to be creative, order exact number of copies and design whatever they feel like – calendars, business cards, catalogs, photo albums and much more, all without needing to physically come to your store.

  3. Create your own Facebook business page and advertise promotions and special offers on a weekly basis. Make sure to use beautiful, high-quality images, and post at least 1-2 times a week.

  5. Paid advertisements on FacebookBoost some of your posts (those with a tempting offer) and reach more prospects. Be sure to have a “call to action” that will lead the clients to your website so they can start creating their orders right away.

  7. Google paid ads – Invest in PPC at your top field of expertise. Choose one area you want to promote and start from there.

  9. Email marketing. Send newsletters to your clients via Email, along with a special coupon code and a link to a weekly offer.

Follow these tips and you will soon see the increase in your sales and revenue. Good luck!