How to Get Creative and Overcome Writers Block – Part 1

Writers’ block is one of the most common occupational hazards for all professional writers, whether they write website copy, novels, children books, poetry, film scripts and even final academic papers. Deadlines still loom and bills still need to be paid, so most of us do not have the luxury of sitting idly and waiting for inspiration to strike on its own.
stressed out woman
Suffering from a stubborn case of writers’ block is also a demoralizing and frustrating situation. Several conventional methods for curing writers’ block are out there, but they do not always work for every writer and can even worsen the problem for some. If you find yourself blanking out while trying to free-write or stuck when trying to draw a mind map, you are not alone. The following creative ways to get rid of writers’ block may just give you that much-needed spark of inspiration.
Visit the library and find something to read. Although reading is one of the best practices for writers, it often falls low on the priority list as the volume of deadlines grows. Falling out of a regular reading habit is detrimental to the creative process in the long run, and other authors can be a wellspring of inspiration. While it can be tempting to download an eBook and stay in the same spot at your computer to read it, going out to the closest library or book store is even better. It will switch up your physical environment, and book-browsing can be an excellent way to improve your mental energy.
Teach yourself something new with a free online course. The Internet is now an extensive source of learning with online university courses now available for everyone. If you have always wanted to learn more about a particular subject, you can do so at no cost with these courses. The material you learn will also give you plenty of new topic ideas for your writing, particularly if the subject matter is tied to your main niche area.
Start with implementing these tips, and stay tuned for the next part of the article for more useful tips to overcome a writer’s block.