Essential Surviving Tips For Small Book Stores – Part 1

Owning a small independent book store can be a very rewarding business venture for those who enjoy reading and who have entrepreneurial ambitions.
The digital age of eBooks and electronic readers has made printed books less popular than in previous decades, but there is still a demand for them among many people who want direct interaction with other book enthusiasts.
client at the book storeWith a few essential strategies, you can not only survive but thrive as a small brick-and-mortar bookstore owner in the age of digital book downloads:
Make your bookstore a gathering spot for customers. Adding sofas, chairs, coffee tables, a coffee kiosk and wireless Internet access will transform your bookstore into an inviting spot where your customers can relax, work, socialize and read their newest purchases. Provided you have the space, also consider adding a small stage for special events, such as live music performances and talks with visiting authors.
Build connections in the local community. Word of mouth and cross-promotion are still powerful marketing tools for a small independent bookstore. Get to know other business owners close to your store and make agreements with them to recommend one another’s products or services to customers. These efforts will benefit everyone in your local business community.
Host special events. Visiting author book-signings are quite popular with many bookstore regulars, and arranging these events throughout the year is sure to draw crowds. Lesser known authors who are favorites of certain niche readers will also benefit from the added marketing and local publicity for their latest works. Other events to consider include lectures and open mic poetry or music nights. If your town has a local book club, offer them space to hold their meetings. Holding these kinds of events will help to build steady customer interest in your store.
In the next post you’ll find more useful tips to make your bookstore a success.