Now You Can Print Books Even At Drug Stores

Printing your own book, brochure or booklet is about to get a lot easier and convenient. A partnership between web printing company (On Demand Books), Eastman Kodak and ReaderLink Distribution Services could really change the way books are printed and purchased.
pile of books
The print-on-demand technology will be available at major drugstores that offer photo printing. It was stated at the “Huffington Post” that this will start with Kodak Picture Kiosks, at drugstores and retailers.
The Kiosks will get an addition of book machines and commercially published titles would be able to be printed on demand from the machines. This way, customers would be able to create and print their own books, and even to print self-published titles.
The idea is to offer the client the possibility to walk into a store, pick a title, and pick it up after they are done with their shopping. You can read the full story here: On Demand’s POD Books Expanding to Drug Stores, Supermarkets.