The Most Creative Save-The-Date Invitations

When you plan an event, and especially a wedding, you need to inform the guests about it, so they can clear their schedule and show up to celebrate with you. This means sending them a save-the-date invitation.
These days, there are cool and creative prints for practically anything, including save-the-date and wedding invitations. Here are a few unique ideas:

save the date

Save the date magnets. This is one the best ideas – it’s small, practical and affordable. Plus, people love to put magnets on the fridge, especially if they are colorful or shaped in a unique way.
Save the date boxes and drink coasters. These products are very useful, as the recipients use them on daily basis. This means they’ll see your name and date every time they use a coaster or store something in the box. You can even fill the boxes with chocolate or candy before you send them.
Save the date luggage tags and hangtags. Luggage tags designs can go perfectly if the wedding destination requires traveling. Hangtags are great if you are sending a bottle or box and attach the hangtag to make it unique. You can choose a colorful design for a fun, noon event, or a sophisticated design if it’s a formal wedding.
Save the date mugs. This is also a kind of gift that people will keep using long after the wedding itself. Digital printing on mugs is fun and creative and it offers high quality results, plus, it’s very affordable, so it can fit even a tight budget.
Whatever you choose, remember that the main intent of sending unconventional save-the-date gifts or notifications is to generate an expectation about your event. Your guests will more likely want to go if they’ll know it will be a fun, thoughtfully organized event.