The Digital Printing Revolution – What The Future Holds

According to many Internet enthusiasts printing marketing solutions were destined to die a few years ago. There was nothing to do because the online revolution was ready to come to throne. However, time always has the final say and both, offset and digital printing methods, finally found the best way to survive.
Since both technologies have their particular differences and advantages, they were able to coexist and guarantee a positive impact in the industry. They suit different needs and demands, so it is easily predictable that they are meant to have a promising future together.
However, the most interesting thing about printing is the fact that, even when many people thought that it wouldn’t have a place in the new marketing industry, it survived and what matters the most, nowadays printing materials are known as the most reliable solutions for marketing campaigns. Printing solutions have so much to offer when it comes to advertising and most of the time they are even more effective than online methods.

preparing offset printer

There are many reasons behind it. Firstly, printing solutions have always made emotional connections with people. This is really valuable in marketing terms. The legitimacy of print ads is also important. Many people don’t click on online advertisements because they are afraid of viruses and spam. The credibility of print is unquestionable. This way, printing solutions are better when building your company brand. Provided your print ad has the right font, colors and images, you will have great chances to brand your product successfully.
Consider that a print is and always will be a physical thing. From brochures to newspapers they can stay in offices and houses for months while online advertisements vanish right away. Besides, people are always more interested and engaged when reading printing materials. Actually, experts say that printed paper text is read 30% faster than digital screen text.
The truth is that today more and more people are interested in printing solutions. The online fever has passed and hard copy books, photo albums and other printed items are going back in preferences and demand. Today more and more people are becoming aware of the great advantages of printing solutions. Millions of people prefer printed books than e-books. Millions respond better to printed ads than to online versions. That’s why many companies are including printed versions of their online advertisements in their marketing strategies, because they have understood the real impact of printing in advertising.
This impact seemed to fade away a few years ago. But good things always last, and the future is really promising. The spirit of humanity has to be with emotional connections and printing solutions will be ready to take up the challenge.