8 Quick Tips for a Successful Book Launch – Part 2

In our previous post, we discussed how to launch an attention-grabbing book promotion campaign. In this post we continue with a few more tips to make a successful book launch and increase the book sales.

  1. Recruit Book Review Bloggers. These online book devotees are always looking for new releases to review, and contacting them involves just a short email. If you don’t have the budget to offer bloggers financial compensation, you can instead offer them a link back to their blogs from your book’s webpage in exchange for a thoughtful review.
  2. Get Active on Forums and Social Media. This book launch strategy is one of the best options for no-cost marketing. Getting involved in social networks and forum discussions on your book’s subject matter will help build your credibility as an author. It will also lead to more reader curiosity about what you have to say in more detail in your book.
    author signing a book
  3. Plan Book Signings and Speaking Engagements. Brick-and-mortar book stores are among the best venues for book signings because the store owners welcome the increased customer traffic. Most are happy to schedule you for a book signing, and this kind of engagement is an excellent way to build face-to-face rapport with your readers.
  4. Get the Word Out Locally. Writers who don’t live in large metropolitan areas can make the mistake of leaving out local book promotion as part of their launch campaigns. Even smaller communities can be excellent word-of-mouth marketing sources because many people enjoy talking about a writer, artist or other accomplished individual who comes from their hometown. Local news stations, community groups and even churches can be possible venues for you to include as part of your book launch campaign.

A successful book promotion campaign involves both online and face-to-face strategies. While your book agent can assist with the details, your planning each of these strategies as a writer is important for future book profitability.