7 Critical Mistakes You Must Avoid When Self Publishing – Part 1

Self-publishing has seen a dramatic rise in popularity among first-time and experienced authors. An attractive aspect is the lack of the traditional barriers to entry found in the print publishing world. Writers no longer need to shop an unpublished manuscript around to publishing houses and hope for that often-elusive acceptance.

Benefits of Self Publishing

Thanks to online technology, authors can create a high-caliber eBook or set of print-on-demand copies to place up for sale. Despite the relative ease of self-publishing, many new authors make unintentional mistakes that can cost them book sales. A lack of research about digital publishing is one of the most common factors tied to a lack of book sales.
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Mistake #1: Rushing the Writing Process.

First-time authors often read success stories of self-published writers who make large sums from digital book sales. It can be tempting to get a self-published book out there quickly in hopes of reaping those financial profits. This can turn into a pitfall for new authors who fail to invest the time required to create a quality finished product that buyers will find worth the price.

Mistake #2: Lack of Thorough Proofreading.

Few things can be more embarrassing to a writer than letting spelling errors or grammar mistakes slip through a self-published book. Buyers are likely to point out those mistakes in online reviews, and sales can quickly slump as a result. To avoid this problem, all of the book’s copy needs to checked and rechecked to ensure flawlessness before clicking the “Submit” button.

Mistake #3: Poor Front- and Back Cover Design.

A compelling front cover design will grab potential readers’ interest, and it needs to be planned carefully. Some writers try to design their own front covers when they are not experienced graphic artists, and the results can be less than impressive. The same idea applies to the back cover, which needs to create a sense of continuity from the front cover design. Outsourcing this step to a freelance designer who is likely to charge reasonable fees is a good idea.
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