Three Steps To Make Your Book Selling A Resounding Success

Have you ever considered a book as a serious business? Many people think that launching and selling a book successfully is just about writing skills, but it is much more than that. A book needs to be properly inserted in the market if you really want to improve your sales and get good incomes and popularity from it. Three important elements must be taken into account.
Defining your book as a product: What kind of book you want to write or you already wrote? It is a science-fiction book, an adventure story, a rose novel, a book of poems or short stories? Define its features and what makes it different. Having a total understanding of your product is essential to start this project.
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Studying your competitors: It is important to know about similar books that have been published recently and all the important issues related to their sales: prices, demand, targeted audience etc. This is essential to set a price for your book and to make sure it’s not too high or low compared to other similar books in the market. Also compare your competitors’ books quality to yours, which aspects were important in succeeding and which didn’t help. As suggested in this post – Why Your New Book Is Like a Start-Up Business, use all this information to improve your book quality and your selling results.
Time for marketing: This step always requires a serious and previous research. You first need to know about what kind of audience you want to buy your book. Learn everything about them: age, gender, location, incomes, expectations… Books always have specific audiences as any kind of product and, generally, it is related to generation, social class or culture. So, do an extensive research about your target market and then focus your strategy on this previous research. Now, it is time for advertising. Choose the right channels according to the characteristics of your targeted audience. For example, if you are selling a book for young people, you cannot miss the chance to use Internet and social networks to advertise your book. If your book is mainly aimed at third age people you should use more conventional channels such as radio, printed ads or TV. The same way, determine where you want to sell your book and work on it. Finally, never forget to budget the marketing strategy according to your financial situation and keep it within the budget.
Following these three steps you should have no troubles to launch, promote and sell your book properly. It is never too late to start a well-thought business plan.