Your Book Marketing Progress Needs To Be Tracked

When running a business it is always a critical point to track your progress in the marketing area, especially in the publishing field. If you are not able to follow your book marketing development you won’t have statistics to determine if there is any growth or evolution.
Actually, one of the best methods to encourage yourself and your team to go ahead is by tracking your marketing results and making the progress noticeable for you and all the people involved in the process.
stack of booksOne of the best ways to achieve it is with a wall calendar. Put up a calendar on the wall and with a colorful marker put a cross every time you do something to improve your marketing campaign. No matter if it is a really small action, just keep putting crosses every time you work on your marketing strategies. At the end of the month, you will notice that your wall calendar has changed the original color for the marker’s color. This is a perfect strategy to notice your marketing progress. Actually, if you want, you can give different markers’ colors according to the magnitude of the activity. For example, light colors for activities that demand less efforts, such as tweeting, making calls, linking back, sending promotional emails etc. and brighter colors for public relations meetings, trade shows events, conferences, marketing travels etc.
On the other hand, it is also essential to know if you are getting more and more popular. How to know it: Following your fans development very closely. Since most of the current businesses are advertised on the Internet, you certainly have a great source to track your advance. It is really recommended to check your followers’ activity monthly. For example, if your company is on Facebook, Twitter or any social network, it is time for you to check how many “likes” you have, the number of friends etc. Also check your website traffic by counting the amount of visitors and the number of comments. This is also valid for email subscribers. Track the list of subscribers to check if it has grown or not. Taking notes of the figures every month will give you an idea of your online traffic progress.
A simple but effective method is a diary. One of the most common things when we try to be organized is keeping a business diary with the important things we need to remember, to do and to supervise. This is perfect! Don’t throw them away! Business diaries are useful to track you progress. Just by taking a look at your past notebooks, you will notice how much busier you are now, how different your routine is today and how much you have grown.