Wide format printing is going APP

Mobile and Smart-phone technologies have made a big transformation in our society behavior, allowing over 80% of the population of the western world countries to do anything virtually, from searching for information, connecting to social media Apps, and accessing emails to buying almost any type of merchandise at the best price, and receive the best service. It’s literally placing the world within the palm of your hand!

This transformation has driven many businesses to adopt new and comprehensive strategies that will not only affect their sales campaigns, but also their business models and workflow. We are witnessing these changes in every market, and with the high quality smart-phone cameras it has affected the Photo-to-Print and Web-to-Print markets even stronger.

Wide format printing is going APPFrom the business perspective, these changes have opened a whole world of new opportunities for small, medium and large print providers that haven’t dealt with the public market before. A study made last month shows that more than 50% of total online sales in 2014 was purchased through smart-phones, and it has crossed the 1 trillion dollar line.

Based on the above facts and the ease of creating new apps, the number of wide-format products ordering applications has grown significantly during 2014. It had almost tripled in 1 year, and is expected to double up during 2015. Even though the competition gets harder, the market and number of potential customers are growing faster and many print providers are now taking advantage of this growth.

This growing smart-phone market along with the mobile photos creates a high demand for Photo-to-Print applications.