What People Don’t Know About Web-To-Print Solutions

There are many questions to answer about web-to-print. It has become a really tricky issue to discus. According to experts this is a very controversial subject, because it definitely works for some companies while some others cannot achieve good results from it. It seems like it has not had the expected acceptance. But why does this happen?
The truth is that web-to-print seems to be expensive for a world where economic crisis has become an everyday occurrence. Creating it is too expensive and at the end of the day, costumers don’t use it as much as they could. Web-to-print counts with several available features, from automatic job ticket creation to shipping and billing, and even brochures printing, but most of the time, customers hardly use them. On the other hand, many people complain about the long sale process and how hard it is getting clients to become involved in it. Another complaint is related to its integration with other systems.
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According to expert opinions, the last point could be one of the key elements that affect the popularity of web-to-print nowadays. It is not integrated with other systems like MIS and prepress PDF workflow systems. Actually, there is no communication at all between these three systems, especially if you have MIS and prepress PDF old packages. To get integration between them, you have to update MIS or PDF workflow software first, or trying to buy a web-to-print solution that includes these out-of-date modules.
Another element that really affects web-to-print results is promotion. Some companies with low results don’t promote web-to-print properly. Actually, many times, sale staffs don’t make a good use of online printing advantages because they are not well trained or because they consider this solution as a method that threatens their jobs.
Definitely things are not OK, and it is time to change the picture and help your company enjoy the great advantages of web-to-print solutions.
The first thing to do is installing it. If you have it, make sure it is working and you are using it. Take care of integration issues. Work on it, no matter how long it takes. All problems related to MIS and prepress PDF systems must be solved to get the best results.
Train your staff to use it and show them the great benefits of it. Promote it properly and make sure everybody is involved in the process. Everybody also means customers, so always consider their opinions. Start with a testing system that includes just a number of clients, pay attention to their comments and feedbacks to improve and perfect your system. After that, it is time to design a market strategy and include your staff in the buy-in process.
Just by working really hard you can get what you expect and improve your business. Web-to-print is a very good solution; you just need to integrate it, promote it, and train your people to use it properly.