What Makes Your Competitors Your Best Allies

Believe it or not, keeping your competitors close is always a great strategy to succeed in business and online printing is not an exception. Contrary to what many people believe, there is nothing wrong in expanding your online associations. Competitors are not enemies, and the only way you have to survive in this business is by building online alliances with your peers that help you become stronger.
You need to be smart enough and know everything about your peers through social media. This might sounds pretty obvious, but ignoring competitors tend to be a very common mistake. It is important for you to consider that social media is the most effective tool for online advertising nowadays and your peers know it. Through Tweeter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc. they are promoting their business and services and you have the chance to know what is going on in the online printing market.
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On the other hand, printing companies offer similar services, but not always. Some companies may offer services that you have never probably considered. So, you will have the chance to know what they have to offer giving you new ideas to reduce the risk to be out of the competition. Actually, interacting with your peers also help your inspiration. The best source of inspiration for your work may come from your competitors. Pay attention to the articles, news, techniques and all the information they post. It is not about copying them, it is just about taking advantage of the exchange to develop and improve your imagination.
Another interesting benefit is about generating traffic. Being everywhere is the key and building online alliances with competitors is one of the best solutions to strengthen your online presence while all the parties take advantage of it. When running a service company you need to guarantee you have all the answers for your customers. Obviously, there will be always services that you don’t offer, but you can recommend other companies as well as they will recommend you. It will be a win-win situation!
Your ability to build good relationships with your competitors is essential for your company’s credibility. Instead of being obstinately alone trying to protect your online presence, you need to build friendly relationships with your competitors.
Always remember, engaging with peers is not about stealing customers or ideas from them. The main purpose is gathering information, analyzing, learning, improving and growing while collaborating.